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Banners 555x80 pixels, SEK 4950/week

Side banners: 200x200 pixels, SEK 3950/

Side banners: 200x300pixels, SEK 2950/week





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Panorama 985x150 pixels SEK 7900/ week

Banner 555x80 pixels SEK 6900/week



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 SEK 3900/week


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 SEK 4900/week


 Side banner 555x80 pixels

 SEK 6900/week


How about the net? 

Book a banner  in your sector on Truck- och Lager

Information text 990:-/year

Link to website, e-mail and quotations: SEK 2 950/year

Logotype (higher ranking) SEK 2 950/year

All inclusive:sek 5 950/year




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Transportbilsguiden 2022 

Transportbilsguiden 2022

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