Publication dates 2021

Publication dates 2021 with planned editorial content (with reservation for changes)



No. Publ. date Booking date Contents
No. 1 4 feb 15 jan

The best lorries. Forklift trucks. Third-party logistics. E-trade.

No. 2 4 mars 12 feb

Shipping special with ro-ro survey. E-Commerce. Automation


No. 3 6 april 15 mars

Logistics properties and stock. Forklift trucks and material handling.


No. 4 4 maj 14 april

Stock automation. E-commerce.Accessories transport vehicles.

Extended edition! Lastbil 2-5 June Jönköping Elmia 

No. 5 8 june 19 may

Internal material handling. Forklift trucks. Forest transport.

Extended edition! Logimat Stuttgart 22-24 June

No. 6 24 aug 2 aug

Weighing. E-commerce. Safety and working environment.


No. 7 21 sept  1 sept

Weighing. Swedish ports – guide. Forklift trucks.

Logistics wall map.

Extended edition! Distributed at the trade fair.

Elmia Nordic Rail 10–12 October

Forklift trucks and Warehousing 2022 - Extended edition!  22 oct 30 sept All suppliers of forklift trucks, cleaning machines, accessories, and materials handling and warehousing products for the transport and logistics industry, brought together for the first time in one comprehensive Buyers’ Guide. -Extended edition!
Distributed along with Transportnytt issue No 8, 
No. 8 22  okt 4 oct

Pallet racks and warehouse fittings. E-commerce. Transport Vehicles. Environmental technology and sustainability.

Extended edition!

Logistik och transport in Gothenburg,

9-10 November

No. 9 16 nov 27 okt

Warehouse automation Forklift trucks.

Light Commercials 2016 With the first number 24 nov Guide to light trucks, vans and pickups up to 3.5 tonnes.
Published along with Transportnytt issue No 10. Extended edition!
No. 10 14 dec 24 nov

The best  year´s Logistics investments.Robots, auto trucks (AGV)

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